Philadelphia and Delaware Valley

Autumnal Gardens of Philadelphia and the Delaware ValleySeptember 3-9, 2019Brochure and Registration Coming Soon

Philadelphia is known for its history, food, art, and museums. It’s also known as America’s Gardening Capital. Why? Philadelphia and the Delaware Valley now claim one of the largest concentrations of the fine public and private gardens in the world. In fact the entire region is often called “America’s Gateway to Gardens”.

From the grandeur of Longwood Gardens and Winterthur, to the naturalistic beauty of Mt. Cuba and avant-garde plantings of Chanticleer, there are gardens to delight every aesthetic. Our visits to private gardens run the gamut of styles, from cottage to contemporary, each showcasing meticulous design and planting. Our journey takes us through the campus of Swarthmore College and the renowned Scott Arboretum, to town gardens in Swarthmore and West Chester, Northern Delaware, and the bucolic countryside of Bucks County along the Delaware River.

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