The Best of Vietnam: History, Culture, Gardens and BirdsMarch 11-26, 2024Optional Extension-Best of Cambodia: History, Culture, Gardens and Birds. March 26-31, 2024

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Vietnam is an incredibly rich travel destination and there is so much to discover in this popular country. Join us for an immersive tour where we will delve into the cultural and natural history of the most populous country in Southeast Asia. From Ho Chi Minh City in the south to Hanoi in the north, we visit city markets, historic sites, temples, pagodas, national parks and scenic wonders.
On our tour we take a barge down the Mekong Delta, behold the sublime beauty of Halong Bay and explore the architecture of My Son and Hue. We will shop the colorful markets of Dalat and Hoi An and marvel at the colorful birds and lush forests of Cat Tien National Park.
One of the standout parts of visiting Vietnam is getting to taste the many fresh and delicious national dishes. We have ample opportunity to sample a variety of regional culinary specialties on this 16-day tour.
Vietnam’s sublime landscapes, delicious cuisine, unique culture and stunning birdlife make for an amazing experience you're unlikely to forget.

Optional Extension-Best of Cambodia: History, Culture, Gardens and Birds. March 26-31, 2024

Join me in Cambodia as we travel from the temples of Angkor Wat to the Khmer ruins at Kon Ker and Beng Mealea to experience the diverse landscapes, intriguing cultural heritage, and stunning birds of Cambodia. Immerse yourself in this beautiful country as we explore the historic sites and natural history of several diverse area. Along the way, discover colorful local culture and cuisine.

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