Costa Rica

Costa Rica: Gardens, Volcanoes and WaterfallsJanuary 10-20, 2025

Registration Opening in March!

Costa Rica Garden Tour

Escorted by C. Colston Burrell and Vernon Campos

Join Garden and Nature Tours with C. Colston Burrell, local guide Vernon Campos and Friendship Tours in San Jose, Costa Rica to explore a tropical paradise. Though scarcely larger than West Virginia, this friendly country is a magnet for gardeners, birders, natural history enthusiasts and adventurers.

Costa Ricans, like most gardeners, are drawn to a wealth of plants from around the world. Gardens here are as variable as their owners but are often set within a nurturing envelope of native trees. Colorful foliage is favored as a foil for the deep green palms, philodendrons and elephant ears that are commonly grown. Gingers, heliconias, birds of paradise, gardenias and succulents provide long seasons of bloom, augmented by orchids and tropical bulbs in season.

In these gardens, parks and lodges an unbelievable array of tropical ornamentals and edibles awaits discovery. Costa Rica boasts over 9,000 species of flowering plants and 800 species of ferns. The 876 species or birds, including flamboyant toucans and tanagers, are sure to seduce even the casual birder. Parrots, hummingbirds, tanagers and honeycreepers flock to the blazing orange coral trees that set the countryside awash with spring color. This diversity of plants and animals is due to incredible variation in topography, vegetation, and rainfall patterns. For its size, Costa Rica has more preserved land than any other country in the world, nearly 1/4 of its landmass.

In addition to gardens, we have ample opportunities to explore the unique topography and geology of Costa Rica. Stunning birds, spectacular scenery and beautiful orchids await our arrival. We plan to walk on the lava field of an active volcano and experience the exhilaration of traversing hanging bridges. We tour Nectandra Cloud Forest Reserve to experience the beauty of the cloud forest and visit an organic farm. On our visit to CATIE we learn about tropical agriculture and tour the extensive collection of tropical fruits. We marvel at the thundering cataracts at La Paz waterfall Gardens and visit their hummingbird garden and butterfly conservatory.

Join us for this unforgettable journey to explore bucolic and rugged regions of Costa Rica, with exciting opportunities for exploration and relaxation.

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